What to Do With an Anti-Choice Gift Card

hobby-lobby-1I’m pretty sure my mom wasn’t thinking about politics while Christmas shopping, but she gave me a gift card to Hobby Lobby in combination with some other knitting related gifts. It was really sweet of her because I do enjoy arts and crafts but um–this is Hobby Lobby we’re talking about.

Yeah, that Hobby Lobby.

Since the money has already been spent at this business I’m not super fond of, my plan now is to use the gift card but make an equal or greater donation to Planned Parenthood or some other organization that supports reproductive rights, sex ed, and sex positivity.


If you know of any good organizations, let me know in the comments.

Happy thinking!


5 thoughts on “What to Do With an Anti-Choice Gift Card

  1. Hoo boy. I had a similar dilemma when my spouse came back from a trip with a great poster. But he got it at Hobby Lobby, and I can’t even look at it. I’ve stashed it behind the furniture, and may throw it out at some point.

    I don’t suppose it would be legit to buy something at Hobby Lobby with the gift card, then return it for the money back? Then you could donate the money to a worthy cause and Hobby Lobby wouldn’t get to keep any of it. Or maybe give the card as a gift-in-kind to a women’s shelter.

    Otherwise, I can’t think of a better choice than Planned Parenthood.

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  2. Ugh. Hobby Lobby is the only craft store in my town and my love of embroidery forces me to shop there (I try to shop online when I can, but sometimes I need to see and feel the thread and fabric). Not only are they an abhorrence for women’s rights, but they are a major religious trigger for me, with their damn religious music and religious imagery everywhere. I usually end up either crying or fuming angry whenever I have to go there.

    That said, IMHO, I think you should buy your knitting stuff there and enjoy it. You did not pay for the gift card, your mom did. You like to knit, and that’s no crime. Don’t overthink it too much. If you can afford to make a donation elsewhere that’s great, but otherwise buy your knitting supplies, be happy while knitting, and never shop there again.

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