Oklahoma Pro-Life Propaganda Legislation

Check out this video on YouTube in which TYT reports on legislation that just passed in Oklahoma. This legislation requires the state to spend money they don’t have to teach kids in public schools that life begins at conception. It would require public schools to have advertisements for pro-life so-called “crisis pregnancy centers,” and also use taxpayer money for pro-life “celebrity” visits.

Great use of taxpayer money, guys.

This comes at a time when Oklahoma schools are among the lowest ranking schools in the nation. It’s little wonder when they’re wasting their time and funding on propaganda. This is why we need to get religion out of politics. People should not be allowed to legislate based on their religious beliefs. If you don’t have a good secular argument for a legislation, it shouldn’t even be considered.

Any thoughts about this? Have you seen similar frustrating legislation in your state when it comes to this issue? Feel free to leave a comment. All opinions are welcome. Just be respectful and think things through before posting.

Happy thinking!



5 thoughts on “Oklahoma Pro-Life Propaganda Legislation

  1. You know, I think that we’re all part of the problem by continuing to use this fallaciously erroneous, self-attributed term of “pro-life” when these people are merely anti-abortion. They’re not pro life at all – it’s just another “clever” way to reframe a debate in their own, skewed way to garner favor with people who aren’t intelligent enough to consider the distinction between promoting the right to life over considerations of the quality of life.


    • That’s a valid point. I tend to use the term because that’s how they identify themselves, but you’re right that the name is misleading. It is definitely a way of branding their movement as a positive one rather than one that fights against women’s reproductive rights.

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      • Exactly. The reason why this truly upsets me is because I get absolutely LIVID at the fact that people cloak themselves in the misnomer – and often those very same people don’t believe in the rights for others, be it same sex couples or even people of different faiths, ethnicities and/or races. It also lends a false sense of superior morality – I mean, by definition you’re basically saying to the other side that they’re anti-life? It’s ridiculous.

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