Why Catholic Hospitals are Messed Up

In the above video, Hemant Mehta discusses several procedures that Catholic hospitals refuse to perform under the excuse of religious objection. We’re not talking about an individual objecting. We’re literally talking about entire hospitals refusing to provide procedures relating to reproductive health. This is a major problem because Catholic hospitals are EVERYWHERE. There are even places in the US where you’re hard pressed to find a hospital that isn’t Catholic.

Hemant brings up the fact that many of these hospitals are opposed to tubal ligations (tying women’s tubes). This is news to me, and it’s disturbing to learn. I was part of the Catholic pro-life movement for years, and at least in my area, the only arguments I’d ever heard against tubal ligations were against them being forced on people, which is something I think most people can agree is not a good thing.

I do remember my parents saying that they didn’t approve of that surgery, or of vasectomies, but their hatred of contraception focused primarily on things that they believed could lead to abortion like hormonal birth control and IUDs, and things they believed might encourage premarital sex like condoms. Something like this is usually done by older couples, often people who have already had children and don’t want anymore. As a result, this procedure doesn’t usually generate as much outrage among devout Catholics as the pill and sex ed. As Hemant explains, it’s often done after a C section at the request of the mother.

Yet these hospitals are refusing to perform the procedure, arguing, if I understand correctly, that it gets in the way of letting God have control over whether or not you have a baby. If you know about Catholic teachings on how to avoid pregnancy during sex, you may see how this begs a question: why even preach natural family planning (as the church does)? If the Catholic church is that opposed to couples doing anything that would prevent pregnancy, regardless of whether or not it can cause an abortion, then why even encourage women to track their cycle when trying not to conceive? Isn’t that, as they argue it, getting in the way of God?

Hemant also brings up cases of pregnancies that implant in the wrong place, in which abortion is the best and safest option, but of course Catholic hospitals want nothing to do with that.

In the midst of arguments about individual people being allowed to say no to a task that runs contrary to his or her conscience while on the job, is it too much to ask that we stop treating organizations like people? If the nearest hospital to you is Catholic, and you want one of these procedures they object to, it’s going to take you some time to get transferred somewhere that will do what you need.

As elections come around, I encourage everyone to look locally. Vote for people who care about access to all healthcare, including reproductive healthcare, and vote out politicians who think it’s OK to treat the Catholic Church like a person with an objection. We’re just lucky our hospitals aren’t being run by Jehovah’s Witnesses, or we’d be dealing with a preventable death toll from blood loss.

Any thoughts on this? Feel free to leave a comment. All opinions are welcome. Just be respectful and think things through before posting.

Happy thinking!


11 thoughts on “Why Catholic Hospitals are Messed Up

  1. I worked in a catholic hospital for years (this is a world renowned hospital), and its policies regarding women’s healthcare are outrageous. If you happen to end up in a hospital and were taking birth control pills, you can’t get them because the pharmacy doesn’t carry contraception. You’re shit out of luck if you need some sort of surgery like a tubal ligation, or removal of an ectopic pregnancy, and have to drive two hours north to get those procedures. It is the year 2015 and I’m appalled at the lack of treatment for women’s reproductive issues here…in my mind it’s a damn crime.

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  2. I don’t know what they’re so worried about. You’d think, if an omnipotent god wanted you to get pregnant, you’d get pregnant, regardless of whatever protections we puny little humans have put in place.

    Another nice post, Nancy!

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    • You’d also think God could manage to put the embryo in the uterus, and not have it kill the woman by having it implant in her fallopian tubes (if it’s not surgically removed). That was a bad design on His part.

      I also can’t figure out why any deity would place a woman’s bladder *under* her uterus and think that was a good idea. My faith took a hit when I peed on myself every time the car went over a pothole when I was pregnant with my first. So much for the amazing design of the human body.

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  3. It scares me to think that those intelligent enough to qualify as surgeons can hold such beliefs, unless they are simply abiding by the laws of the hospital. It is the same with politicians. So many people can reach great heights in a career, to the point in which they are running a state or country, whilst holding the most crazy and illogical beliefs.
    Sometimes I feel the career achievements of such individuals deludes them into believing they have superior education across the board.

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    • It’s definitely plausible. When you’re successful,you think, “I must be doing something right.” Never mind that a good chunk of the time, that something has more to do with the luck of being born into a good situation than anything else.

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