ABC’s What Would You Do Portrays Christians as Persecuted by Atheists

If you’re a big fan of ABC’s What Would You Do or are subscribed to Jaclyn Glenn’s YouTube channel, you may already know about this. Jaclyn explains it perfectly. I like this show, so I’m saddened to see it portray something so ridiculous that fits into the Christian right’s propaganda machine, and especially its persecution complex. Check out Jaclyn’s video.

I’ve just sent a complaint to ABC, and the video includes a link showing where to do that if you feel so inclined.

Thoughts on this episode, or the show What Would You Do in general? Feel free to leave a comment.

All opinions are welcome. Just be respectful and think things through before posting.

Happy thinking!


2 thoughts on “ABC’s What Would You Do Portrays Christians as Persecuted by Atheists

  1. I love social psychology, so this was one of my favorite shows. I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch it anymore, though. Not that I plan on boycotting it per se–I just think that I’m now going to have a general distrust of their approach. It’s too bad since I’ve felt that previously they’ve always tried to approach issues fairly.

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    • I feel similarly. I think I’ll still end up watching it on occasion but now I’m more aware of the political bent behind their chosen scenarios. This is surprising too, since they’ve generally been pretty socially progressive, setting up scenarios that portrayed LGBT individuals and people from religious minorities (Muslims for example) and immigrants as they truly are: minorities that are often discriminated against but shouldn’t be. Except, apparently, atheists.

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